Patricia "Pepper" Potts
Pepper Potts
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Eyes Color:
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Pepper is a red-haired teenaged girl with freckles and brown eyes. She is usually seen wearing a long pink vest with a white undershirt and black tie, as well as black leggings and sneakers.


The most cheerful and peppy of Tony's friends, Pepper is always in a good mood. However, her spunky and hyperactive nature often gets her into the wrong situations, and often has a mischevious side.


Pepper enjoys Gene's company and never stops talking about him to Tony. There are some hints that she has a crush on Tony and seems to get jealous when he's around Whitney stane. In the first few episodes of Season 2, there is much more romantic tension between them. She started hanging out with Happy after seeing Tony going out with Whitney. And they both are jealous at each other because of this.

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